Knee Pain Relief Exercise

Knee Pain Relief Exercise

What Is Knee Roughness?

knee pain and roughness

The roughness of the knee caused by erosion of cartilage tissue lining of the joints in the joint, and then fades completely cartilage, then the patient is suffering from excruciating pain in the joints and there is less movement can download on his feet. Here are some tips to relieve the symptoms of the roughness of the knee.

1. Avoid a long time standing, recurrent up and downstairs, because this leads to increase pressure on knees joints that results in an increase of knees pain and roughness.

knee bending
2. Avoiding bending knee joint more than 90 degrees, whether under a chair, by sitting on a low-level chair.

3. Avoiding wrong sitting such as cross-legged, square-shank, or ground sitting and sitting down with bending leg under the body.

4. Avoiding riding fixed or moving bicycle, because this leads to an increase of friction between arthropod surfaces, and try to avoid any action that may result in knees crackling.

5. Regular walking leads to optimize blood circulation of knees cartilages and tissues, in addition to strengthening muscles, but this should be done without stress on knees joints, away from hard pain times and on flat and soft ground such as sports club track or garden, and it is better to wear sports shoes during walking, and as a very important factor for knees roughness patients, try to be active without loading stress on knees.

6. Diet and weight loss lead to reduce loads on knees joints, therefore you should limit eating carbohydrates and fats, and eating more vegetables and fruits instead, in addition to practicing a sport.

7. You can hold a stick while walking to reduce stress on knees joints, as you should hold that stick on a reverse to the injured knees joint, ex. If the right knee is having roughness, so you should hold a stick in the left hand.
8. When going upstairs, you should always rely on handrails, and going upstairs slowly step by step using the healthy leg first.

9. A static practice for the quartet muscles of knees should be done for strengthening it as follows:

•  Putting a rolled towel under knees, then pressing with stress knee cap and instep upwards and keep doing this.

• Staying in the same position for 4 seconds and relaxing for 4 seconds, and repeat the same practice 10 times.

These exercises will help you get back into your healthy routine.

knee pain exercise

knee exerciseknee exercise
And as a following to the previous practice, you could lay down on your back, and curve the healthy knee 45 degrees, and raise the 
other up in the same level of the curved leg, in addition to stressing in step up, then wait in this position for 7 seconds, then lower down your leg and let the muscles relax for 4 seconds as well, and repeat this as advised by a physiotherapist, but stop immediately when there is severe pain, or when practice results in more pain.

knee exerciseSit on a chair, release your leg straight forward equal to the other leg knees, keep this position 10 seconds or less, then lower it down in its straight status as well.

Try to familiarize yourself with the habit of stressing and relaxing the quartet muscle anytime, because of this will alert and strengthen the muscle.

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