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Knee Pain when Bending

Advice for Knee Pain When Bending


The knee is a hinge joint formed by two bones, the tibia and femur, which are held together by muscles, tendons, a joint capsule, and four main ligaments - the lateral collateral ligament, medial collateral ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, and anterior cruciate ligament.

* Maintain ideal body weight: Being overweight puts extra strain on your knees.


* Avoid overuse of your joint, especially in using the stairs or bicycle.


* Walking aid: Walking with a limp can put extra strain on your body. Use a cane, walking stick or walking to help you walk with less pain and without a limp.


* Move your knee often: If you have been sitting for a while, bend and straighten your knee several times before you get up. Arthritic joints feel better with gentle movements and worse if you don't move for a long period.


* Cold or Heat: Place cold or heat packs on your knees for 8-15 minutes as needed to help manage your pain. Place a thin layer of cloth between the ice or heat and your skin.


* Comfortable shoes: Good cushioning and arch support can make standing and walking more comfortable. Avoid non-supportive and high heels shoes.



Knee Pain Location Chart:


Knee Pain Exercise:

**If you feel a sharp pain STOP and follow up with your doctor**


Exercise 01:

·        Put a chair in front of you.

·        Put your leg straight above the chair.

·        Lean forward with your trunk towards your leg.

·        Do this exercise 10 times in 3 sets daily.

Exercise 02:

·        Lie down on the ground involved leg in a straight position.

·        Push down your knee towards the ground.

·        Hold this position for 10 seconds.

·        Do this exercise 5 times in 3 sets daily.

Exercise 03:

·        Lie down on your side with both legs in a straight position.

·        Raise your leg up with keeping your knee straight.

·        Do this exercise 5 to 8 times in 3 sets daily.

Exercise 04:

·        Lie down on the ground with both legs in a straight position.

·        Hold your toes toward your trunk.

·        Pull your leg up in a straight position.

·        Do this exercise 5 to 8 times in 3 sets daily.



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