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What Banana Color is Good for Your Health

What Banana Color is Good for Your Health

We can happily say that bananas are among the most popular tropical fruit in the world. They are useful and nutritious, contain fiber antioxidants. The nutrients in bananas have been known to help moderate blood sugar levels, heart health as well as to help our digestion system to maintain our weight.

Banana is usually going through the different changes of colors when a banana ripens, but most of us don’t understand it, we need to understand which change is best for our health. There are yellow, spotted, and brown colors bananas. The truth is that every banana color gives the fruit different health benefits.

Green Bananas

Green Bananas

These green bananas are full of high resistance starch. So, these bananas are great if we have sugar issues with our insulin-resistant diabetic, it contains much less amount of sugar. It may taste a little bitter, but this unripe banana would be good for us. This unripe banana is extremely beneficial for our digestive system because it contains probiotic bacteria.

Yellow bananas
Yellow bananas

Many of us go for that yellow banana, It’s the most common banana you can find in any market. it's much sweeter than the green banana, this yellow banana digests much easier. This yellow banana contains much more antioxidants which can shield our system from damage. Generally, as this banana continue to ripen the antioxidant levels continue to rise.

Black-spotted bananas

Black-spotted bananas

These black spots all over our banana, when it ripens more that means the sugar content is rising as well, these black-spotted bananas are perfect for our immune system. These kinds of bananas we want to eat, it's filled with many antioxidants and can help protect us from cancer. “HOW COOL IS IT

Brown bananas

Brown bananas

Finally, when banana continues to ripen to the max it becomes all brown the majority of us throw it out because we think it is rotten. Guess what? That brown banana has a higher amount of essential nutrients.
So, they're extremely healthy filled with those antioxidants but the starches have broken down to the max it's filled with sweet sugar diabetics people with sugar issues you should stay away from eating these bananas.
But here is the tasty trick take those ripe bananas and bake with them banana muffins or banana pancakes or use them for banana pudding trust me you will love it.

Peel a Banana Like a Monkey

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