Patient Rights

Patient Rights

Patient Rights

Respect and Appreciation:

  1. Treat patients with all the respect and under all circumstances, in a manner which ensure maintaining of their dignity.
  2. Respect patient social, cultural, regional, confessional and spiritual believes.


  1. Providing warning boards in all places where patient and his companion might be under risk.
  2. The medical care environment should be safe and suitable for patient health situation.
  3. Providing safety and security in all far and sensitive places, especially women hypnotism, delivery rooms, incubator and new birth ward.


  1. Guarantee full confidentiality for patient and not to reveal his problem, name or any type of disease. Also, not publishing any information related to him to others without his/her prior consistent.


  1. Not talking to anyone from visitors or others about medical care service given to the patient.
  2. Respect patient privacy and not to strap his body unless required.


  1. Protect patient against verbal or psychological abuses that might take place by physician staff, nurses or other workers in the hospital.
  2. Provide sufficient procedures to protect patient belongings  against damaging and stealing.
  3. Protect children and babies against sexual abuse and abduction.
  4. Verify the identification of guardian, parent or a person authorized by patient to sign instead of him.

Obtain of Caring:

  1. Respect patient right to evaluate and treatment pains.
  2. Acquaintance of patient or his/her legal guardian with all information related to patient condition clearly, adequately and using a clear language.

Participating in Medical Care Plan:

  1. Know the identity of physician and clinical team and ways to contact them.
  2. To know the medical care offered by the health facility, adopted health care plans and capabilities of the facility from a physician.
  3. Physician discussing to the patient or guardian about suggested therapy and its expected advantages, and knowing medical alternatives, its complications and risks using clear and simple language.

Rejection of Medicine:

  1. The patient or guardian will have the right to reject all or part of suggested medicines. The facility shall, subject to such right unless contradicted applicable laws and inform them about the expected results of rejection and get their signatures on acknowledgement module for necessity.
  2. The patient or his guardian has the right to know alternative therapies in case of rejection.

Clearance and Extensiveness of Acknowledgment:

  1. Providing a list of therapies required detailed acknowledgment.
  2. Providing the patient with a complete medical report about his health situation after accurate check.
  3. The patient has the right to obtain an acknowledgment in case of photography with signing module prepared for that.

Dealing with Costs and Medical Insurance:

  1. The patient has the right to know all the procedures of the cost of his/her health situation before and after therapy.

Complaints and Suggestions:

  1. Submitting any verbal or written complaints or any suggestions without affecting medical plan.

Involving in Researches and Studying:

  1. The patient has the right to ask to participate in research program or studies related to his/her case when such case is matching research conditions according available potentials.
  2. Providing clear and simple information about research or study, clinical and medical therapy used which related to the human and its expected results of participating in.

Rights of Disabled Patient:

  1. Respect his/her dignity and personal decisions, including his/her free of deciding his choices independently.
  2. Providing devices, tools and requirements of disables in the health facility.
  3. Help him/her to move inside the facility when needed, not to make the discrimination between him/her and other patients.

Rights of Sick Children:

  1. The existence of special policy to protect children from all types of abusing.
  2. Abiding of medical staff to report all abuse cases against children to concerned authorities.

Rights of Sick Elder:

  1. Help him/her to obtain required medical and health services.
  2. Ease procedures of obtaining appointments and reports.

Right of Psychopaths:

  1. Brief him/her about all his rights and how to practice them, or his guardian in case if the patient encounters any challenges to understand it.
  2. Human treatment and protection against all types of abusing, maleficence and therapy using unjustified medicines.

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