How to Get in Shape

How to get in shape

Detox Your Body And Get In Shape

A simple recipe that will help you detox your body and help your body get in shape easily. Our bodies are composed up to (60%) of water, the brain and heart are about (73%) water, the lungs are about (83%) water and the skin is about (64%) water. So, water is vital without it our body becomes sick.

Try this homemade recipe

Cucumber: It helps you burn belly fat and flush out the toxins. It also combats bloating and water retention as well as help constipation.


Lemon: It increases your metabolism that helps burn fat and improve your health. It supports hydration and boosts your metabolism as well as balancing your pH levels.


Mint: It boosts digestive enzymes as well as speed up your metabolism and helps facilitate better absorption of nutrients from food.


Cinnamon: It helps fat cells burn lipids and cuts cholesterol it also helps balance out blood sugar levels.

How to prepare this simple detoxification and fat-burning recipe.

  • Approximately 2-liter water.
  • Slices of 1 medium cucumber.
  • Slices of 1 lemon.
  • 12 mint leaves.
  • 1 Teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

Put all of this together and a half-gallon carton or a pitcher that you may have and place it in the fridge overnight.
Drink 2 glasses in the morning of this homemade recipe. It will help active the organs. 1 hour before each of your 3 meals, drink 1 glass, it will help digestion. Drink a glass of it before you go to bed to help lower the risk of heart attacks & stroke. So, utilize the entire half-gallon per day. At night time you can remake the recipe and put it in the fridge and have it for the following morning. Do this for several weeks and you should see amazing changes.

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